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These are a few of the internet links that I have found to be helpful and informative. Raising and training the German Shepherd Dog is both a pleasure and a challenge. I will be adding more so check back often!!!
Banners to many of these sites can be seen on the Banner Link Page!

Haus am Lerchenweg Kennel (Idaho-Thomas Schoder)
von Gleisenauer-Schloss (Germany)
Von Der Alsenburg (Germany)
SV Zwinger Gewürzwiese   NEW
Glennbryn German Shepherds (Ireland) NEW
Hubert Muhr's Homepage (Germany)
Zwinger vom Hagor (Germany)
Schafer Lake Kennels
Zwinger von Fidelius (Germany)
Alpenhof German Shepherds (Canada)
Videx German Shepherd Dogs (England)
Zwinger von der Biberfalle (Germany)
Haus Valerius (Netherlands)  
Team Quantos Homepage (Norway)   
Vim Verbek's-K9 Politie Diest- (Belgium)   

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals- OFA
HD-Zuchtwert--Check out  Hip Certification Numbers!! NEW
Real GSD Index
American Kennel Club-AKC 
GSD Infoline(source of some famous dog photos) 
Working Dogs Web Links Page
United Schutzhund Clubs of America
T.P. Hunde GUIDE - Dog - Index
Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde
German Shepherd Dog Clubs of Canada
GSD Database program - 100 years of Pedigrees, results, bloodlines

11,253 German Shepherd Dog Names
Schaferhund.com.....A World of Information!!

Dr. P's Dog Training Library: Puppies
Dr. P's Dog Training  

Alternative Medicine for Dogs
First Aid for Cats Dogs
Medical Emergencies
NetVet Veterinary Resources / Electronic Zoo Search Sites
Doctor Dog's Emergency Section

Pet Loss, prayers and poems

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