Gone, But NEVER Forgotten

When we choose to love this marvelous breed of dog, the German Shepherd, we do so knowing that they do not live as long as we would wish.   But our lives would never be as rich nor as full without the pawed members of our family.  So we remember them with love, humor, joy, and yes, a little frustration for not being quite the partner we could have been.

These wonderful dogs all taught me something different about training, people, dogs and life. Lessons that will never be forgotten.  

Freya vom Athonhof, SchH2,CD, TT,BH 

my first real German Shepherd

Freya: faithfulness, loyalty, awareness;
--and that home is really where the heart is

My Nolte Boy

AKA V Nolte v. Fleischerheim, SchH3, KKL1-a
Nolt was my love boy.  Everything he did he did for me. Unpredictable, yes, but always constant in his devotion.

Nolte: loyalty, perseverance, heart,-- 
and that you really get to know about people,
and who are your real friends, 
when situations aren't their best

V Anja vom Adelhertz
SchH 3, KKL 2-a (Life)
Anja: This wonderful dog, did it all for me.  She worked, played, and lived with intensity and joy.  She was willing to step in and be a step mom at the age of 10.  She died a grand Lady with dignity.  Would it that we all could claim the same!!!
Anja: Know who you are, attack all obstacles, and love life.

Gena vom Adelhertz BH  almost SchH1 (83,65,91 pronounced) on first trial---sadly, she died the day she was to be retrialed)

Gena: free spirit and enjoy life no matter what it throws you;-- and that you can't force true loyalty and affection

V Bella von Nord Rasen, SchH1, KKL (Life)

Bella was a wonderful companion, hunter, and protector of the home.  She had such a desire to please and be with her people.
Better known as "Bella Bella' and "Busy Body Bella" as she always wanted to be right in the middle of everyone's life!
She had her own boy and was working with him in 4H until we recently lost her. She  was much loved and will be sorely missed!!!

Bella: deep within a soul is the true character and courage that we may not see on the surface! Love, loyalty, joy, and true protector for those she loved!!

SG Sari vom Gretchenbrunnen, KKL 1-a (life), SchH 2

Sari gave everything to her family.  She protected me from the day I received her from Germany! She took care of her next family with as much love and devotion.  She had an uncanny way of knowing when she could steal food and take it to the recesses of her crate..... totally undetected!!  She could open a can with her teeth and squeeze all of the food out!  LOL!!

Sari:  Strength, power and devotion often lay quietly in the hearts of those we love.  We often don't realize it until we loose them.  Her inner strength lives on in the heart of her daughter, Indy!

V (BSZS, NASS) Walli vom Alaska, SchH2,
 KKL 1-a (Life)

Walli, "W" was a wonderfully devoted girl to her family and my grandkids!  She took her world in stride and never complained.  Her stable mind has been passed on to her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids!!!

Walli:  Inner Joy  No matter what the circumstances, greet a loved one with a smile, with love, and  with joy to see them. As she lay dying, she had trusting eyes and a wag for me.
 Farewell, my Lady.



Now if I can just apply to MY life what they have taught me!

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