Okar vom Farbenspiel, SchH3, IPO3, KKL1-a (life)

Outstanding son of V-1 (BSZS) Eros vd Luisenstrasse, SchH3!
Okar was seen in Fox's TV  Veronica Mars television series as a police dog!!! 
Well..... if you look very closely !!!! 

Okar produced  pups with outstanding color, temperament, intelligence,  and drives!.

ZW 82 

Okar is out of

 V (BSZS) Soffi vom Farbenspiel, FH, SchH3 (over 40xs !)
last time at age 10 with scores of 90, 96, 96 and FH 100 at age 11-12!

ZW 77 

Okar now lives with a wonderful family in Murrieta, CA.
He is a house dog, sleeps on the bed if he chooses, and has his own private spa with waterfall!!!!
Plus he will be serving as personal protector at a New Restaurant in Murrieta! (Name to come soon!) 

Pedigree  (click the BACK button to come back to this page) 

Okar is a wonderful boy.  His temperament is what you expect of a German Shepherd--Combining Beauty with Brawn !!  His drives are wonderfully balanced !

Critique for 2001 North American Sieger Show~~V-11~~
Koermeister Herr Reinhart Meyers:
Over medium size, medium-strong, substantial. High withers, straight back. Good length and position of croup. Good rear angulation. Slightly short upper arm. Good rear movement. Reach is restricted.
Pronounced - Outs
Innumerable comments about his having the best bite work there!!

Feb. 23, 2002 - HIT with 280 pts for his  IPO 3 at Aztec Working Dog Club Trial 
To see other pictures of Okar, click here~~includes NASS grip work!.     


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